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FAIME Expert Privacy and Confidentiality

Updated February 2024
The Find-An-Independent-Mining-Expert (FAIME) Database is an accessible database of self-identified global experts available to provide services to communities and organizations affected by mining projects (“the Database”). The Database will catalogue individuals and groups who offer diverse skill sets to communities and civil society organizations, facilitating contact with these experts by organizations seeking expertise. This agreement outlines how data is collected, managed, and utilized throughout the Database development and management process.

Use and Management of Information

In working together on the FAIME Database, Parties may share non-public information (“Confidential Information”) with one another, including, without limitation, financial information, funding, programs, campaigns, and other matters. Parties will each use each of the other Party’s Confidential Information only in connection with activities under this Agreement and will keep this information confidential. Confidential Information does not include information that is subject to customary exceptions under a non-disclosure agreement, such as information generally available to the public, information already known by the receiving party before entering into this Agreement, or information independently developed. All Confidential Information provided under this Agreement is and will remain the property of the providing party.

Information collected through Typeform will be integrated into the Database and made available to the parties that sign the FAIME Database Collaboration and Operational Agreement (COA) until such time the database ceases to exist or until the experts listed in the database decide to exit the database. Information collected will be managed by the FAIME Manager (FM) and the FAIME Management Committee (FMC) members. The participation of the experts in the FAIME Database is voluntary and experts may exit the Database at any time. Experts listed in the Database will be notified of any changes to the use of information.

Parties will access the database only through password-protected and 2-factor authentication-protected profiles. One designated user per profile is allowed. All designated users must complete FAIME database training before accessing the database. Parties agree to only share non-public information with clients (individuals, groups, or organizations seeking expertise) with the consent of the experts profiled in FAIME. Consent will be given through a form created by FAIME and designed for this purpose. Parties will ensure that any clients (individuals, groups, organizations seeking expertise) that are recipients of retrieved FAIME data are aware of and sign a data confidentiality agreement before having access to FAIME expert data.

Data Collection and Management Platforms

Secure web-based platforms will be used to collect and manage all information, including Webflow ( (FAIME website software), Typeform ( (to be used for the initial collection of all information), Zapier (​​ (to be used to copy the data collected via Typeform to Airtable), and Airtable ( (to be used for the storage and management of all information). No information is permitted to be stored outside of the above-mentioned platforms. Webflow, Typeform, Zapier and Airtable use in transit and at rest data encryption and store information in SOC 2 accredited data centers (Service Organization Control 2 developed by the American Institute of CPAs) that adhere to security and technical best practices and ensure that user logins are protected via TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security). Additional information on the privacy policies and practices of each platform is available at:


Destruction of Information

It is required that, before any computer system, electronic device or electronic media is disposed of, recycled, or transferred either as surplus property or to another user, it be properly destroyed or sanitized of information collected specific to the FAME Database, including but not limited to information related to experts listed in the FAIME database. Upon this and any subsequent or successor agreement pertaining to the FAIME Database being irrevocably terminated, all information will be destroyed, within a period of 90 days, in accordance with protocols outlined in national privacy regulations and must comply with any other laws known to be applicable.

Acknowledgement of Risk

Due to the inherent risks of using the internet, it is acknowledged that no method of electronic storage or data transmission is perfectly secure and absolute security cannot be guaranteed. Although FAIME and its partners have agreed to abide by data safety and confidentiality policies, by joining the database, experts agree that they understand that once expert data has been retrieved from the database, FAIME cannot control how this data is used or shared.

Transfer of Information

Within 90 days of its collection, the Information will be transferred from Webflow or Typeform to Airtable by Solutionogenics and/or the FAIME Operational Manager.

Questions regarding this Agreement may be addressed to the FAIME Operational Manager at

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