FAIME Database soft launch and partner training in March 2024!

Mar 4, 2024

The FAIME team has been working hard towards launching the database for the past several years. That is why we are so happy to announce that we were able to soft launch the database and provide training and direct access to partner organizations on Mar 4th of 2024!

The soft launch and training came on the heels of our 3rd annual Advisory Committee meeting where Committee members, who represent the 7 signatories of FAIME's Collaborative and Operational Agreement, got a change to receive updates about the project and provide advice and feedback

During the next few months, we will test the database workflow and listen to feedback from partners to ensure that the database becomes an effective tool for connecting experts with the mining affected communities seeking their expertise.

We have already started to field the first few requests for expertise from communities and other non-industry clients, such as NGO's.

We are very grateful to all of the experts who have applied to join the database thus far and welcome others from the fields of engineering/science, regulation/policy, social sciences, and economics to apply to join the database.

We also have two upcoming informational webinars, one in Spanish and one in English, where experts can learn more about the project. Links to register can be found below.

We also invite anyone wishing to receive updates about the project to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

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